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The choice of the best lawyer in terms of quality and convenience becomes increasingly difficult due to many factors. To remedy this situation, in many countries the practice of finding an online lawyer is now widespread, thanks to applications that allow the user to choose his own lawyer on the internet. Let's see how it is proposed in Italy AvvocatoFlash, platform with a simple and transparent mechanism, able to offer the user the possibility to choose the right attorney for himself, providing him with the most important information on the professional (skills, career, specializations, experiences, etc.) and on the costs it will meet.

When you are faced with a legal problem, unless you know a trusted professional, the choice of lawyer always represents a difficult time.

The first difficulty that is usually encountered is that the lawyer must be chosen in a short time: whoever matures the idea of ​​addressing a lawyer is usually in a hurry because he is suffering a serious problem, which he has not been able to solve in any other way if not, in fact, asking for the help of a professional.

Every single situation presents its obstacles. If it is a question of particular technical complexity, it is difficult to find a professional really qualified in the matter; if, on the other hand, a more common problem is to be faced, the possibility of choice becomes so large that it makes research difficult. A further problem can be represented by the lack of contacts with the territory, if, by hypothesis, we face legal problems far from home.

However, what really matters for those who must choose a lawyer, is to keep costs down and have certainties about the quality of the professional.

In short, to choose the right attorney , we usually take care of some basic elements:

  • Scope of the legal problem . The world of law is now very complex and, if once a law firm could deal with "more or less of everything", today the studies are distinguished by the subjects in which they are specialized; it is therefore necessary to choose an expert in the specific area in which one has to solve one's problem.
  • Lawyer's experience . It is essential that the chosen professional is familiar with cases similar to that for which he was contacted.
  • Reputation . The opinion of old customers can be a good element to decipher the reliability of the lawyer.
  • Compensation of the lawyer . The compensation of a lawyer may vary based on the type of service required, the amount of activity carried out, the difficulties that arise during the course of the relationship and many other factors; it is possible, however, to initially obtain an estimate about the foreseeable costs for the activity of the lawyer, so as to have with him immediately a transparent and serene relationship.

The "traditional" methods of lawyer research, therefore, fail to respond to the needs of the average user, especially given the difficulties already analyzed.

Those looking for a lawyer could, for example, turn to the one recommended by a friend. From some points of view the advice of the friend can be useful, but from others it can be fallacious and bankruptcy. How do you know that the lawyer recommended by your friend is an expert in the subject in which you need help? How to know its rate card for the particular activity required?

It is evident that personal knowledge, word of mouth and the advice of relatives and friends are now inadequate practices in the search for a reliable lawyer.

Therefore, even in the legal sector, it is becoming increasingly useful and profitable to search and identify your professional on the Internet, thanks to the multitude of information that the network is able to collect. In recent years, research by lawyers and law firms on the web has multiplied in Italy: the volume of traffic is such that it can be said that the "on-line" search of a lawyer has surpassed that "off-line".

This strong demand coming from the network has been satisfied in several foreign countries, where platforms have been created that allow the interested user to identify his own lawyer on the internet.

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