How to find a good matrimonialist lawyer

It is certainly not a simple task, for those who have never had to face problems with the couple. It is the dilemma that catches each of us when a health problem occurs: to whom do I address? who is the best specialist?

And the difficulty is extremely exacerbated by the fact that on the Internet there are so many professionals offering their services, and – according to the presentations – it seems that everyone is very skilled and very competent. But will it be like that? 

On the other hand, identifying the right matrimonialist lawyer is extremely important; d this choice depends, in fact, a good part of your future : we think only of how much it costs in terms of serenity to remain in dispute for years, perhaps because we have not been given the opportunity of a well conducted negotiation, which could have avoided the delays and costs of an interminable cause 

How, then?

I would like to try to offer some suggestions , useful for identifying a good matrimonialist lawyer.  

First rule: if you have friends who have already passed this experience, it is certainly useful to ask them, but asking very specific questions and do not choose the same lawyer to do soon. Try to understand, first of all, if that lawyer deals with the subject in a specialized way, that is with competence and having gained experience in the sector.

Often people come to me who, though unhappy with their previous defender, do not even know whether it is a matrimonialist lawyer or not. Not to mention those customers who answer me: "He was a criminal lawyer".

Just think of this: a lawyer who quitidianamente deals with complaints and complaints, accusations and counter-accusations, can never be prepared to best to want to conduct a negotiation between spouses, with the aim of achieving a new family balance (though in the separation?).   Of course, sometimes in family matters, there is also a need for the criminal lawyer but the criminal lawyer for his expertise is not the best professional to deal with separations and divorces (especially if there are half children).

Therefore, the first thing to check out is the competence gained in the field, the years of experience and the "specialization".

But how to check the lawyer's competence and choose a true matrimonialist lawyer?  

There is no book or list that distinguishes matrimonial lawyers from others.

However, the vastness of the information sources available today can help.

Thus, visiting the lawyer's or law firm's website is already an important starting point for getting an idea. It is especially important to examine the lawyer's curriculum: the extended one, however, not the synthetic one. It is only from the extended curriculum , in fact, that one grasps exactly what the professional experiences and subjects of specific competence of the lawyer are.

Let's take an example: in a site I could read that the lawyer has participated in numerous conferences, which could mean either that he took part as a speaker or participated as a public (with a clear difference in the relevance of the two activities; clear, no?). The update is still important, but it's another thing to be called as a speaker because it excels in preparation and expertise in a given subject!

Well, just go to the full curriculum to realize exactly the type of participation in conferences that involved that particular professional!

And the same must be said for publications (books, notes to sentences, articles of law).

This is what matters, much more than the cost of services.

How important is the cost of assistance?

In times of economic crisis, there is no doubt that the cost of legal assistance is also important, as it is. But, be careful, to give the right weight to things.

Choosing a certain lawyer to save means starting off on the wrong foot. It is a mentality to which comparator websites have accustomed us, but this system can go well for consumer goods or services from which people's future life does not depend. Would you imagine a comparator site among medical specialists, where the comparison is based on the level of the fee? I think the answer for everyone is "no". Well, why should not it be the same for the matrimonialsita lawyer?

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